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The Open University of Applied Sciences offers a possibility to study something new and inspiring, enhance your professional know-how in working life and apply to a degree program via Open UAS path studies.

About Metropolia UAS

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates students in the fields of Business, Culture, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology. Metropolia is a community of 16,200 students.


TechClass has played an indispensable role in the establishment of Metropolia UAS's Open University, providing transformative contributions that have catalyzed its successful launch and growth. Through our strategic partnership, we've enabled Metropolia to vastly expand their educational offerings, particularly within their ICT School where we've proudly contributed to two-thirds of the course curriculum in the initial phase..

Our expertise in online learning and training has empowered Metropolia to adapt to the digital era, providing flexible and high-quality education to a wider audience and breaking down geographical barriers. TechClass's dedicated involvement has not only catalyzed the initial start of the Open University but has also ensured its long-term viability and success.


Through a dedicated partnership, TechClass has significantly contributed to the profitability and growth of Metropolia Open University. By delivering cutting-edge, regularly updated training programs, we've successfully drawn a substantial number of students to enroll. Our innovative and responsive approach to educational delivery has not only driven enrollment numbers, but it has also amplified student satisfaction, underscoring the value and effectiveness of our services.

  • Initiation
  • Revenue Streams
  • Quality and Satisfaction

Our Solutions

TechClass provided a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline and enhance Metropolia Open University's educational offerings.

Education Planning

We crafted strategic, tailored education plans for Metropolia's diverse students.

Training Content

Our cutting-edge, updated content aligned with industry trends.

Training Support

We offered robust guidance for students throughout the learning journey.

Enrollment System

We introduced a user-friendly system for seamless training registration.


Our LMS facilitated an enjoyable and practical Learning Enviornment.


Students earned certifications, enhancing their employability upon training completion.

Major Training Areas

In response to evolving industry trends and the skills needed in today's job market, TechClass has prioritized training in four major areas to equip Metropolia Open University students with relevant, future-proof skills.

  1. AI, ML, and Data Science
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Web Development

Implementation Process

Initial Assessment and Planning

Began with a thorough assessment of Metropolia's needs, setting measurable objectives and crafting a comprehensive project timeline.

Designing Training Content

Worked closely with Metropolia to design customized course content, ensuring alignment with the university's goals and current industry trends.

System Integration

Successfully integrated our services into the credit system infrastructure, including a seamless setup of the LMS and enrollment system.

Training and Support

Conducted comprehensive online training for staff on utilizing the new systems and provided ongoing support for students.


Successfully launched the new trainings, closely monitoring feedback and making necessary adjustments for continual improvement.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitored the implementation closely, using data-driven evaluation methods to ensure our objectives were being met.


Through our partnership with Metropolia Open University, we have seen significant increases in student enrollment and satisfaction, underlining the effectiveness of our innovative training programs and comprehensive support services.

ECTS Credits: 10,261

Future Plans

Building on our successful partnership, TechClass aims to continue enhancing Metropolia Open University's educational landscape by staying ahead of industry trends and leveraging technological advancements to further improve the learning experience.

Continual Improvement of Training Content

We aim to regularly refine our training content, keeping pace with industry evolution.

Expansion of Training Support

Our goal is to enhance support services for more personalized assistance to students.

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