Elevate Your Learning Experience in the Digital World

TechClass LMS is not just a platform; it's a comprehensive solution that caters to various user groups, each with its unique features, functionalities, and management levels. We constantly enhance the user experience based on valuable feedback from our users, especially to meet the organization's needs. Our aim is to simplify the lives of end-users and increase their productivity.


Portals for Every User

TechClass LMS supports various types of portals as the user groups of the system:

Learner Portal

An interactive, engaging, and responsive environment for learners to manage their enrollments. From the first moment on the TechClass platform, learners are fully supported, and upon completing a training, they can easily obtain the completion certificate.

Instructor Portal

Enables instructors and content providers to easily create interactive courses using the powerful Course Designer tool. Instructors can also manage their students, assess their assignments, and respond to their messages and discussions efficiently.

Organization Portal

Allows universities and organizations to manage their learners, instructors, tutors, programs, trainings, and study groups. Organization staff have access to various enrollment analytics and monetary affairs and can easily generate report files.

Admin Portal

Allows system administrators to manage and monitor different organizational affairs on the TechClass platform.

Uncompromised Security

We understand the importance of security for your long-term success. TechClass LMS is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, known for its data centers designed to withstand a variety of threats and certified for excellent quality and security. We employ comprehensive monitoring systems to visualize performance, detect unusual activity patterns, and ensure that our entire infrastructure is up and running.