As a leading eLearning provider in Finland, we pride ourselves on adhering to the highest standards in educational innovation, financial stability, and service reliability. Here, you'll find the prestigious awards and recognitions we've earned that showcase our commitment to excellence. Explore the certifications that validate our leadership in the industry and reassure our promise to deliver quality eLearning experiences.

The Strongest in Finland (Platinum)

At TechClass, we are immensely proud to share that we've been awarded the prestigious "Strongest in Finland (Platinum)" certification, a notable recognition of our unwavering commitment to provide high-quality, innovative education tailored for every learner. This certificate, awarded only to those with a high Rating Alfa credit rating, is a testament to our sustainable and reliable operations, positioning us among Finland's most esteemed companies. This significant accomplishment signifies our dedication to our students, our commitment to excellence, and our determination to continue to innovate in the evolving education landscape.

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Education Finland

Education Finland is a governmental cluster program supporting the best education providers in their growth on the international market. The program is coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The program is a hub of Finnish expertise and solutions that can help your organization and your target groups succeed. Education Finland promotes deep and diverse cooperation among the member organisations, linking them with international partners, and connecting them to new opportunities for business and collaboration. The members' expertise covers educational and learning products – technologies, programs, applications, digital learning suites and software, educational content and materials – to services such as teacher training, pedagogical and vocational programs, as well as multi-functional solutions in the physical and digital learning environments.

AAA - Highest Creditworthiness Award

We are thrilled to announce our sustained AAA Certification and the maintenance of the "Lowest Credit Risk Rating" (1) status, a testament to TechClass's solid financial health, unrivaled creditworthiness, and unswerving commitment to reliability. This achievement, rigorously assessed and awarded by the globally trusted Dun & Bradstreet, places us in the uppermost echelons of Finnish companies and validates our dedication to provide impeccable service to our customers, partners, and team members. This recognition goes beyond just fiscal stability; it underscores our promise of integrity, dependability, and exceptional service.

We would like to thank our employees, partners and customers for all the success achieved together and we are looking forward to more long term partnerships as we continue to provide you with quality products and better business cooperation.

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