Our Commitment to Excellence: Maintaining AAA Certification and Lowest Credit Risk Rating

We're thrilled to share some exceptional news with our esteemed customers, partners, and team members. Our relentless commitment to offering the highest quality service has been the driving force of our operation, and today, we have some noteworthy milestones to share with you that underscore this commitment.

Upholding our AAA Certification

First and foremost, we're incredibly proud to announce that we have maintained our AAA certification. This places us in the highest echelon of the Rating Classification AAA, an honor that only 2.5% of all companies in Finland can boast. Achieving a AAA rating is a significant accomplishment, requiring robust financial health, outstanding creditworthiness, and an unblemished reputation for reliability.

We've held this esteemed AAA status continuously since 2021. It is a testament to our consistent performance, strong financial management, and unwavering dedication to serving our clients and partners with the utmost professionalism and reliability.

Retaining the Lowest Credit Risk Rating

In addition to sustaining our AAA status, we're pleased to announce that we have retained our "1" rating for Credit Risk, marking the lowest possible risk level. This rating highlights our financial stability and robust ability to meet our financial commitments. It cements our status as a trustworthy and dependable partner for our customers and business associates.

About Dun & Bradstreet

These accomplishments wouldn't be possible without the comprehensive and rigorous assessments conducted by Dun & Bradstreet. As the world's leading source of business information and insights, Dun & Bradstreet provides the most complete and precise business credit ratings available. For over 175 years, they have been the industry standard for evaluating the financial health and creditworthiness of businesses worldwide.

Dun & Bradstreet's ratings are based on an in-depth evaluation of a company's financial statements, considering profitability, solvency, liquidity, and stability among other factors. Companies that achieve high ratings from Dun & Bradstreet are recognized for their strong financial stability, responsible fiscal management, and excellent business reputation.

Looking Ahead

We take immense pride in these achievements and are deeply thankful for the unwavering support and trust from all our clients and partners. These ratings are more than just a reflection of our financial strength; they also symbolize our commitment to dependability, integrity, and superlative service.

As we continue our pursuit of excellence, we are committed to delivering the high-caliber service you expect from us. These ratings serve as an endorsement of our steadfast dedication, and they assure you that when you choose to work with us, you're partnering with a company that ranks among the industry's best.

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