Hion and TechClass Join Forces to Revolutionize Digital Education

Helsinki, 1.6.2023 - Hion, a leading expert in digitalization, and TechClass, a pioneer in personalized online education, are excited to announce their partnership aimed at transforming the landscape of digital learning. By combining their expertise in technology, user-centric design, and educational content, the two companies intend to create an unparalleled digital customer experience that empowers students worldwide.

Hion has long been recognized for its innovative solutions, developing cutting-edge tools for businesses to thrive in the digital realm. Their focus on understanding clients' needs, utilizing scalable technology, and continuous learning has earned them a reputation for excellence. Hion's passion lies in building digital solutions such as online services, mobile applications, and online stores, while always striving for continuous improvement.

TechClass, on the other hand, has been revolutionizing online education with its commitment to personalized learning and skill development. Their platform offers a wide range of practical and updated courses on various fields such as ICT, AI, Digital Marketing, Business Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Cyber Security, etc., empowering students to excel in the ever-evolving IT industry. TechClass' dedication to continuous improvement has resulted in a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), ensuring an efficient and personalized learning environment for students, lecturers, tutors, and university/company staff.

The collaboration between Hion and TechClass aims to leverage their respective strengths to create a transformative digital education ecosystem. By combining Hion's deep understanding of technology and user needs with TechClass' expertise in online learning tools and content development, the partnership seeks to redefine the way people learn and succeed in the digital age.

"We are thrilled to join forces with TechClass to unlock new possibilities in digital education," said Janne Tuominiemi, Director at Hion. "Together, we will harness the power of data, technology, and user-centric design to deliver exceptional digital experiences that drive measurable impact for our customers and the education community."

"We feel it's our duty to spread the knowledge we have gathered throughout the years in the industry, not only to help boost our clients' digital competences, but also the industry as a whole. Especially spreading awareness on how to create more environmentally friendly digital services is near and dear to us.”

TechClass shares the excitement about the partnership. Farhad Eftekhari, CEO at TechClass, expressed, "At TechClass, we have always believed in personalized education and empowering students to learn smartly. Collaborating with Hion allows us to enhance our offerings, improve our online learning tools, and further support our students in achieving their career goals."

The partnership between Hion and TechClass signifies a shared commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centricity. By merging their expertise, the two companies are set to redefine the educational landscape and enable students to thrive in the digital world.

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Janne Tuominiemi

TechClass Ltd

Jenni Mentilä

About Hion:

Hion is a software company founded in 2001 that acts as a strategic digital partner for organizations that want to develop their digital business with the help of data, technology and design. Hion's clients are served by a total of nearly 100 experts all over Finland, remotely, as well as from Hion's offices in Tampere and Helsinki. Hion's clients include the City of Tampere, Kemira, S-group, Osuuspankki, Martat, Otava Media and the Finnish National Opera & Ballet. Read more at www.hiondigital.com.

About TechClass:

TechClass is a pioneer in personalized online education, providing a portfolio of practical and updated trainings on various ICT, AI, Digital Marketing, etc. fields. Through its innovative Learning Management System (LMS), TechClass delivers efficient and personalized learning experiences to students, lecturers, and educational institutions.

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