University of Vaasa Students Internship

Students Internship

TechClass is proud to offer students from the Uni. of Vaasa invaluable career-building experiences through our robust Internship Program. We are committed to bridging the gap between academia and professional practice by providing real-world work experiences.

About University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa is a vibrant, multidisciplinary institution, renowned for its focus on business-oriented and innovative education and research. As a hub of intellectual curiosity, the university fosters an environment of exploration and collaboration, dedicated to producing the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, with its globally relevant curriculum and strong emphasis on practicality.


The University of Vaasa boasts a highly regarded internship program that effectively bridges the gap between academia and industry. This program is expertly structured to streamline the hiring process for participating companies, allowing them easy access to a pool of highly motivated and academically prepared interns. The university's commitment to facilitating meaningful work experiences ensures that each intern is carefully matched with a company that aligns with their academic focus and career aspirations. This thoughtful approach reduces hiring challenges for companies and provides a more targeted, impactful experience for students.

Students at the University of Vaasa, fortified with a robust theoretical foundation, find in TechClass an opportunity to transition this knowledge into practical, real-world experience. We provide well-structured positions that enable these students to evolve their skills further, propelling them into top-tier career opportunities in their respective fields.


In initiating our internship program with the University of Vaasa, TechClass aimed to facilitate a symbiotic relationship that would benefit both the students and our organization. The goal was to offer students a platform where they could translate their strong theoretical knowledge into practical skills while providing TechClass with the fresh perspectives and innovative approaches of the next generation of industry professionals.

  • Practical Skills Development
  • Career Readiness
  • Talent Pipeline

Our Solutions

Our solutions at TechClass are designed to transform academic knowledge into professional expertise, thereby creating a seamless transition for students into their chosen careers.


Internship Matching

We effectively pair students with roles that align with their academic and career aspirations.

Real-world Experience

Our internships provide practical, hands-on experience in various business fields.


Students receive guidance from industry professionals, enriching their understanding of their fields.

Career Development

We offer support to assist students in achieving their professional goals.

Industry Insights

We expose interns to trends and challenges, enhancing readiness for future roles.

Skill Enhancement

Our programs cultivate essential professional skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.


Major Internship Areas

In our collaborative internship program with the University of Vaasa, TechClass offers positions primarily in three major areas. These areas have been carefully selected to offers valuable insights into the practical aspects of these critical business functions.

  1. Business Development
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales

Implementation Process

Internship Planning

We identify internship opportunities within TechClass that align with the academic programs at the University of Vaasa.

Partnership Agreement

We formalize our collaboration with the University of Vaasa, outlining the responsibilities and expectations of both parties.

Intern Selection

Using a rigorous selection process, we match the best-suited students to the available internships at TechClass.

Orientation & Training

Before the internship begins, we provide an orientation and any necessary training to ensure the interns are ready to contribute effectively.

Ongoing Support & Mentorship

Throughout the internship period, we provide continuous support and mentorship to ensure the interns’ growth and learning.

Feedback & Evaluation

At the end of the internship, we evaluate the interns' performance and gather their feedback to make continuous improvements to the program.

Future Plans

Building on the success of our ongoing internship program, TechClass looks forward to expanding and enhancing our collaboration with the University of Vaasa to continue providing high-quality, industry-relevant internships.

Expansion of Internship Areas

We plan to broaden the scope of our internship program, potentially introducing more areas of specialization

Enhanced Mentorship

We aim to develop an enhanced mentorship program within our internships.

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