AMKoodari was a free coder training implemented in 2019-2021 with a special grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The training was implemented as a collaboration of five universities of applied sciences. Training was provided by Haaga-Helia, HAMK, Laurea, Metropolia and XAMK Universities of Applied Sciences. The AMKoodari training was aimed at people who are not degree students at the university.

About Metropolia UAS

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates students in the fields of Business, Culture, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology. Metropolia is a community of 16,200 students.

About Laurea UAS

Laurea University of Applied Sciences is an institution based in Finland, known for its commitment to high-quality, practice-oriented education and research. Laurea UAS fosters a unique learning environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and real-world application, preparing its students for successful careers in various industries.


TechClass offered its services and collaborate with two of the five universities of applied sciences involved in the AMKoodari initiative: Metropolia UAS and Laurea UAS. Our partnership with Metropolia was extensive and rewarding, with TechClass playing a substantial role in their project's success. We were instrumental in their project's initiation, and our commitment to delivering excellence ensured its continued progress until assuring its successful completion.

TechClass provided an impressive 28 trainings to Metropolia, significantly contributing to the breadth and quality of their educational offerings. In our collaboration with Laurea, we conducted three specialized trainings, adding valuable depth to their existing curriculum. These partnerships underscore TechClass's ability to collaborate effectively and deliver impactful results.


TechClass embarked on this partnership with the primary objective of making a profound impact on the educational landscape at AMKoodari project. Our role was to leverage our expertise in providing high-quality training and resources, thereby transforming the universities' offerings and expanding their reach. With our state-of-the-art training content and robust support system, we aimed to increase student enrollment, satisfaction, and skills proficiency, ultimately bolstering the universities' stature in applied sciences.

  • Improve Skills Proficiency
  • Accomplishing Milestones
  • Quality and Satisfaction

Our Solutions

TechClass provided a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline and enhance AMKoodari peoject's educational offerings.

Education Planning

We crafted strategic, tailored education plans for Metropolia's diverse students.

Training Content

Our cutting-edge, updated content aligned with industry trends.

Training Support

We offered robust guidance for students throughout the learning journey.

Enrollment System

We introduced a user-friendly system for seamless training registration.


Our LMS facilitated an enjoyable and practical Learning Enviornment.


Students earned certifications, enhancing their employability upon training completion.

Major Training Areas

In response to evolving industry trends and the skills needed in today's job market, TechClass has prioritized training in three major areas to equip AMKoodari students with relevant, future-proof skills.

  1. AI, ML, and Data Science
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Web Development

Implementation Process

Initial Assessment and Planning

Began with a thorough assessment of Metropolia's needs, setting measurable objectives and crafting a comprehensive project timeline.

Designing Training Content

Worked closely with Metropolia to design customized course content, ensuring alignment with the university's goals and current industry trends.

System Integration

Successfully integrated our services into the credit system infrastructure, including a seamless setup of the LMS and enrollment system.

Training and Support

Conducted comprehensive training for staff on utilizing the new systems and provided ongoing support for students and faculty.


Successfully launched the new trainings, closely monitoring feedback and making necessary adjustments for continual improvement.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitored the implementation closely, using data-driven evaluation methods to ensure our objectives were being met.


Through our partnership with Metropolia UAS and Laurea UAS, we have seen significant increases in student enrollment and satisfaction, underlining the effectiveness of our innovative training programs and comprehensive support services.

ECTS Credits: 7,302

Students: 990

Future Plans

TechClass demonstrated its strengths and capabilities to its esteemed partners, thereby laying the groundwork for deeper and more fruitful collaboration in the future. Our expertise, commitment to excellence, and track record of success make us a valuable partner in further enhancing and diversifying their educational offerings.

Deepen Collaborative Efforts

Working more closely to create innovative training solutions tailored to the partners evolving needs.

Expand Educational Impact

Broaden the scope of our involvement by offering a wider range of training portfolio, thus extending our positive impact on student skills proficiency.

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