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It may be confusing for you to take notes and prioritize your activities, and there is the possibility to forget about an important task. Creating daily to-do lists and checklists can help you get more focused, reduce stress, and organize your life better. Many people take notes as a simple yet effective technique to plan their lives and advance their goals. Google Keep is a note-taking service with different features that lets people use various tools to take notes and collaborate with others. With Keep, you don’t need to worry about forgetting or missing out on anything in today’s busy life. You can simply break things down using Keep labels to manage your tasks easier.

TechClass Google Keep course will introduce the student to the Google Keep apps on Android or iOS devices and the web. The student will get familiar with Google Keep different features and how to use them in order to be more productive and efficient with Keep notes. By the end of this course, students will be able to create and edit notes, make lists, create image notes voice notes, save a drawing as a note, set reminders, pin their important notes, archive, export, or send notes to other apps, and share them.

Learning outcomes

  • Get familiar with Google Keep and what can be done using this service
  • Learn how to get started with Google Keep and sign into the app
  • Learn how to create a note and edit it
  • Learn how to make a list
  • Get familiar with different types of notes like image notes or voice notes and how to create them
  • Learn how to set reminders
  • Learn how to search and share notes and lists
  • Learn how to export data from Google Keep
  • Get familiar with Google Keep versions for Web, Android, and iOS devices

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Intro to Course

  • 1.1. Welcome!
  • 1.2. About TechClass Office Product...
  • 1.3. Learning Outcomes
  • 1.4. Your Expectations, Goals, and Knowledge
  • 1.5. Abbreviations
  • 1.6. Copyright Notice

Chapter 2: Introduction

  • 2.1. What is Google Keep?
  • 2.2. What Can you Do with Keep?

Chapter 3: Get Started with Google Keep

  • 3.1. Sign in and Launch Google Keep
  • 3.2. Google Keep Interface
  • 3.3. Quiz

Chapter 4: Use Google Keep

  • 4.1. Create and Edit a Note
  • 4.2. Make a List
  • 4.3. Create Image Notes
  • 4.4. Notes with Drawing
  • 4.5. Label, Color, and Pin Notes
  • 4.6. Set Reminders
  • 4.7. Archive Notes and Lists
  • 4.8. Delete Notes and Trash
  • 4.9. Quiz

Chapter 5: Search and Share Notes and Lists

  • 5.1. Search for Notes and Lists
  • 5.2. Share Notes, Lists, and Drawings
  • 5.3. Send a Keep Note to Another App
  • 5.4. Export Your Data from Google Keep
  • 5.5. Quiz

Chapter 6: App Downloads

  • 6.1. Mobile App
  • 6.2. Chrome Extension
  • 6.3. Quiz

Chapter 7: Settings and Help

  • 7.1. Settings
  • 7.2. Help
  • 7.3. Quiz

Chapter 8: Final Tasks

  • 8.1. Final Project


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