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The Service Center for Continuous Learning and Employment (SECLE / JOTPA) supports the development of skills of working-age people and the availability of skilled labor in society as a whole. 

SECLE increases the opportunities for working-age people to develop their skills by financing training courses that are shorter than a degree and meet the needs of a changing working life.

SECLE operates as a separate organizational unit under the Finnish National Agency for Education.

SECLE has implemented a competition to acquire training related to digital and multi-channel trade. The trainings are intended to increase the skills of people working in the field of trade in the areas of digitization, green transition, and international trade.

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TechClass and JOTPA History

Explore the evolving partnership between TechClass and JOTPA, tracing back to its inception. This journey highlights our collaborative achievements in revolutionizing education and training, setting new benchmarks for future initiatives.

2022) Metropolia UAS

TechClass secured the "Digital Springboard 4AI" and "Uusille Digiurille" projects for Metropolia UAS. TechClass diligently identified the grant opportunities and educated Metropolia ICT Department about the opportunity, prepared robust proposals, and developed compelling learning materials among other tasks. This partnership proved to be fruitful as Metropolia successfully garnered 863 800 € funding for these two ventures from the Continuous Learning and Employment (SECLE-JOTPA).

After 7 years of collaboration with Metropolia, these projects became extraordinary milestones brought to Metropolia UAS organization following the success and impact of TechClass over various projects such as Metropolia AMKoodari, Metropolia Open University, Metropolia 3 AMK, etc.

Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy, Uusille digiurille, 423 800 €

Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy, DTS4AI - Digitalents Springboard 4 AI, 440 t €

2023) Digital and multi-channel store

In our first venture as a private organization, TechClass is honored to get selected by SECLE as a training provider in one of four specialized sub-areas, encompassing Data Analytics, Knowledge-based Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation.

This opportunity has been pivotal in allowing us to understand the challenges associated with managing and operating such a project. It has also equipped TechClass with invaluable insights, enabling us to refine our application process and develop more realistic pricing proposals for future opportunities.

The sub-area for which we have been awarded includes a comprehensive study plan consisting of six training sessions, cumulatively amounting to 30 credits. This achievement not only marks a significant milestone for TechClass but also reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality education and training in cutting-edge technology domains.

Digital and multi-channel store

2024) Information Security, Cyber Security and the Data Economy

In our third venture, TechClass engaged in the procurement for "Expertise services related to information security, cyber security, and the data economy." This presented an exceptional opportunity to bolster the capabilities of organizations and their personnel within these critical sectors, enabling them to navigate and operate securely within a digitized landscape. Additionally, the initiative aimed to elevate knowledge within the data industry, transcending specific sectors, and targeting diverse employee groups and entrepreneurs.

We are proud to announce that TechClass was successfully chosen as a training provider across all nine sub-areas of this procurement. This achievement underscores our organization's commitment to delivering substantial value and aligning with the overarching goals of such initiatives. Our selection across the board demonstrates TechClass's dedication to excellence and our continuous investment in providing top-tier educational services. This accomplishment not only marks a significant milestone for our organization but also reinforces our position as a leader in the field of educational training, particularly in empowering businesses and individuals to thrive in digitally advanced and data-driven environments.

Information Security, Cyber Security and the Data Economy

Acknowledging Our Opportunities Through Public Funds, Dedicated to Giving Back through Quality Education

Upcoming Plans

Stay ahead with our future roadmap, where innovation meets practicality. Our upcoming plans are geared towards introducing cutting-edge educational programs and expanding our global reach, all while maintaining our commitment to quality and accessibility.

Next-Level JOTPA Collaborations

Our team is gearing up for future JOTPA procurements, focusing on applying cutting-edge methodologies and technologies. This initiative represents our ongoing dedication to staying at the forefront of educational excellence and industry relevance.

TechClass Procurement Department

We are planning to establish the TechClass Procurement Department, dedicated to managing tenders both nationally and internationally. This department will be instrumental in strategically sourcing and securing opportunities, allowing us to extend our educational impact and foster global collaborations.

EU-Wide Procurement Initiatives

We're expanding our reach with EU Scale Procurements, aiming to bring our unique training solutions to a broader European audience. This expansion underscores our commitment to fostering learning and professional development on a continental scale.

Expanding Collaborative Horizons

We look forward to more joint collaborations, where we'll partner with various organizations to bring a richer, more diverse learning experience. These collaborations are designed to create unique opportunities for growth, networking, and innovation in continuous learning.

Looking for Collaboration?

Join our collaborative network and be part of something bigger. We're actively seeking partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our vision for transformative education.