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TechClass is offering no-cost training modules for companies interested in training their employees and managers. The government has funded these trainings due to the increase in cyber-attacks and the importance of AI in increasing workforce efficiency. Below, you can choose from a variety of modules to meet your team's needs and ensure they receive the best training possible.

Training Options

Cybersecurity for Employees

(up to 7 seats for each company)

This training equips you with essential cybersecurity skills, focusing on protecting digital assets and understanding information security. It addresses digitalization risks, major cyber attacks, and common threats like phishing and social engineering. Participants will learn strategies for password, email, and mobile security, and safe online behavior.


  1. Warehouse and Logistics
  2. Road Transport
  3. Trade Industry

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Cybersecurity for Managers

(up to 7 seats for each company)

This training prepares leaders to direct cybersecurity initiatives across organizations. It covers the information security fundamentals and the role of digitalization. Participants will learn to develop cybersecurity policies, manage risks, and promote a security-conscious culture, ensuring robust protection for business data and IT infrastructures.


  1. Warehouse and Logistics
  2. Forwarding Companies
  3. Trade Industry
  4. Media Companies

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Data Mastery for Specialists

(up to 10 seats for each company)

This training teaches you the fundamentals of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. It focuses on practical applications that can drive business growth and operational efficiency and empower professionals to leverage data effectively, even without prior expertise in the data field.

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Sales and Marketing with Data, AI, and Automation

(up to 10 seats for each company)

Unlocking Your Sales and Marketing Potentials with Data, AI, and Automation is a dynamic training designed for business owners and marketing professionals. This training encompasses six modules, focusing on AI in business, e-commerce, data mining, marketing automation, AI ethics, and AI tools for marketing.

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Empower Your Team, Elevate Your Business

Funded by SECLE/JOTPA and NextGenerationEU

These trainings have been funded by the Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment (SECLE-JOTPA). The Service Centre promotes the competence development of working-age people and the availability of skilled labour. The operations of the Service Centre are overseen by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Training Support

  • Support Center
    Our Support Center is here to help the employees succeed. Count on us to guide you through any challenges so you can focus on reaching your goals.
  • Discussions
    Have questions or need help with training content? Simply start a discussion and get the support you need from your instructors or the community.
  • Q&A
    Get the answers you need and expand your knowledge with our Q&A section. Get insightful responses from your instructors and peers.
  • Peer Review
    Become a better learner with the power of peer review. You can submit your tasks and receive thoughtful feedback from your classmates.

Completion Certificate

Upon completion of each training program, the participants will receive a completion certificate from TechClass. This certificate acknowledges their dedication and hard work, serving as a testament to their newly acquired skills and professional growth.

Questions / Answers

Indeed, these trainings are completely free of charge. This is made possible due to the generous funding provided by the Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment (JOTPA).

Eligibility for these trainings is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Your company's industry is related to the topics of the training.
  2. Your employees are working in Finland and have a Finnish Social Security Number.
  3. Not currently studying in degree-level studies in Finland.

To enroll your employees, please utilize the "ENROLL MY TEAM" button available on this page. Following your submission, our team of coordinators will review your application. Upon completion of the review process, you will receive an email notification outlining your enrollment status.

The commencement of the studies can begin immediately following the confirmation of the enrollments eligibility by JOTPA, the fund provider. As the trainings are self-paced, the employees can initiate their learning journey at a time that suits their schedule best.

These training courses are designed with a self-paced structure, allowing individuals to adapt their progress according to their personal schedules. We provide an initial period of three months for the completion of each training course. However, recognizing the varying commitments and pace of learners, we offer the provision for deadline extensions, should a student require additional time to complete their training.

We are using TechClass LMS which is designed to provide a dynamic, intuitive, and engaging learning experience.

Upon successful completion of the training, they will be awarded a certificate from TechClass as a testament to their accomplishment.

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