Nathan's Story: Advancing His Career with TechClass Cybersecurity Training

Balancing a business while learning new skills is challenging, but with dedication and the right training, it is possible. This is the story of Nathan Tolosa's journey from an export trader to a cybersecurity enthusiast, highlighting the impact of practical learning and focused training.

Who is Nathan?
Nathan Tolosa is from Finland. He holds a Master’s degree in Food Science from the University of Helsinki and has been running his own trading business, particularly in export, since 2015. Despite his busy career, Nathan has always had a strong interest in technology since he was young.

Discovering a Passion for Cybersecurity
While managing his business, Nathan continuously pursued his interest in technology. “Apart from my own business, I was always trying to study different technology courses, especially software programming courses, because I have had this interest from a young age,” he says. He was particularly drawn to the field of cybersecurity because it is a popular and important area these days. “I was going through different cybersecurity courses and I found the cybersecurity content of TechClass very interesting, so I decided to join.”

Practical Skills in Cybersecurity
TechClass played a key role in Nathan's ongoing education. “I’ve learned how to assess the security posture of a company, secure network infrastructures, understand how firewalls work, and protect sensitive business data like shipping information and bank details,” he added.
Nathan found the course content to be not only interesting but also very practical. " If someone goes through the theoretical knowledge in the chapters, It will gives you a sense of how real-world scenarios look." he explained.
Nathan appreciated the clear structure of the courses offered by TechClass. "What makes TechClass unique is the way the courses are arranged. They are clear, concise, and easy to follow. The content flows smoothly from one chapter to the next," he noted. This clarity saved him a lot of time and made understanding new concepts much easier.

Plans for the future
Nathan has yet to fully apply the skills he learned as he recently completed the course. However, he plans to use the knowledge and skills he acquired in his software development projects and future experiences. "TechClass provided me with invaluable experience, and I am looking forward to using these skills in my business and technology projects," he says
Nathan is currently seeking a full-time job in software development and as a cybersecurity analyst. He is eager to find opportunities where he can apply his skills and knowledge in both fields.

Supportive Learning Environment
Nathan also praised the support provided by TechClass. "From the beginning, the TechClass support team was always there. They contacted me through emails and were available whenever I needed help," he said. This continuous support ensured that he never felt lost and always had help available when needed.

Nathan's journey with TechClass highlights the importance of practical training and a supportive environment. The cybersecurity course at TechClass is especially valuable, providing essential skills needed to protect data and secure networks. For anyone like Nathan, looking to advance and grow in their career, TechClass offers the right tools and clear, concise courses. Check out the range of cybersecurity courses offered for various industry employees to find the one that suits your needs.

Training Funding Source
This training program was funded by SECLE, The Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment, and NextGenerationEU.

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