Blanca's Journey of Upskilling with TechClass

At TechClass, we believe that everyone has the potential to expand their knowledge and reach new heights in the ever-evolving world of technology. Our trainings are designed to help students from all walks of life gain valuable skills and achieve their goals. Today, we're shining a spotlight on Blanca, a dedicated student from Nicaragua who has embraced the opportunities offered by TechClassto to enhance her career prospects.

Who is Blanca?

Blanca, who has a master's degree in business management and extensive project management experience, relocated to Finland a year and a half ago. She desires to remain at the forefront of her field and explains, "I am always on the lookout for opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge." Her search for professional development opportunities led her to TechClass.

Discovering TechClass and the Power of Online Learning

"I love taking courses online, having my own schedule, and watching videos," Blanca shares. She was drawn to TechClass's comprehensive training, engaging videos, informative materials, and user-friendly platform. "It's not just reading or just being on your computer like spending time. No, there are informative videos, and also they are not so long. So you are going to enjoy every minute."

Transformative Learning with the E-commerce Training

Blanca particularly enjoyed her experience with the e-commerce training. "I created my first e-commerce store, and I feel very satisfied with my final project," she proudly states. This practical hands-on experience ignited her enthusiasm for the world of online business.

The Importance of Support and Motivation in Online Training

Blanca credits the TechClass team's support as a significant contributor to her success: "I love the email reminders because they are motivating and push me to complete the courses." She aims to complete one title every two weeks, showcasing an impressive level of self-motivation.

"Thanks to these courses and TechClass, I am fully equipped with this new knowledge and skills, and I feel very great," Blanca reflects. Empowered by her newfound expertise, Blanca now enthusiastically shares her achievements with her friends and family.

Blanca's Message to Fellow Students

Blanca strongly believes in the power of continuous learning and encourages others to take a similar step: "It's always great to learn something new... I truly believe that the process of continuous improvement starts with ourselves. So this is a big step. Take it."

Training Funding Source

This training program was funded by SECLE, The Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment.

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