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Data is one of the most critical assets of any business, and thus it needs to be stored and accessed quickly and securely. A database is a repository of data to handle a large amount of information by storing, retrieving, and managing data. Nowadays, almost every company in the world is handled through databases. Relational and non-relational databases are the most used type of databases where the former manage data in tables, making them efficient and flexible structures to store and access information. In contrast, the latter does not need any predefined schema and supports various data types and huge amounts of data, making them an excellent candidate for businesses and organizations seeking methods to manage the flood of data. MongoDB is one of the best non-relational databases that is document-based and thus is very flexible in representing complex hierarchical relationships with a single record.

TechClass MongoDB online course will get you acquainted with relational and non-relational databases and their pros and cons. You will learn why companies utilize non-relational databases, especially MongoDB, these days. The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to create, manage, and query databases in the MongoDB database. By the end of this course, you will gain hands-on experience with the MongoDB database, as much as you need as an aspiring data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about databases and their two important types: relational databases and non-relational databases
  • Learn about the pros and cons of relational and non-relational databases
  • Get hands-on experience with the MongoDB database, its shell, and its popular GUI (compass)
  • Learn how to create and delete MongoDB databases with Mongo Shell and compass
  • Learn how to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) records within a MongoDB database
  • Get hands-on experience with some MongoDB operators to retrieve the desired part of a collection
  • Learn how to MongoDB a collection as a Pandas DataFrame

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Intro to Course

  • 1.1. Welcome!
  • 1.2. About TechClass Data Science Department
  • 1.3. Learning Outcome
  • 1.4. Your Expectations, Goals, and Knowledge
  • 1.5. Abbreviations
  • 1.6. Copyright Notice

Chapter 2: Introduction to Relational Databases

  • 2.1. What is a Database?
  • 2.2. Database Management Systems
  • 2.3. Why DBMS?
  • 2.4. Relational Databases
  • 2.5. What is SQL?
  • 2.6. Problems with Relational Databases
  • 2.7. Quiz

Chapter 3: Introduction to Non-Relational Databases

  • 3.1. Non-Relational Databases
  • 3.2. Is NoSQL better than SQL?
  • 3.3. The Benefits of Non-Relational Databases
  • 3.4. Different Types of NoSQL Databases
  • 3.5. CAP Theorem
  • 3.6. Quiz

Chapter 4: MongoDB Basics

  • 4.1. What is MongoDB?
  • 4.2. MongoDB History
  • 4.3. MongoDB vs. Relational Databases
  • 4.4. Document Relationships
  • 4.5. Benefits of MongoDB
  • 4.6. How to install MongoDB
  • 4.7. MongoDB Shell
  • 4.8. MongoDB Compass
  • 4.9. Quiz

Chapter 5: MongoDB CRUD

  • 5.1. What is MongoDB CRUD?
  • 5.2. Create Collections
  • 5.3. Insert Documents
  • 5.4. Read Operations
  • 5.5. Update Documents
  • 5.6. Delete Documents
  • 5.7. Delete Collections
  • 5.8. CRUD in MongoDB Compass
  • 5.9. Quiz

Chapter 6: MongoDB operators

  • 6.1. Introduction
  • 6.2. Comparison Operators: Part I
  • 6.3. Comparison Operators: Part II
  • 6.4. Logical Operators
  • 6.5. Elements Operators
  • 6.6. Array Operators
  • 6.7. Comment Operator
  • 6.8. Quiz

Chapter 7: Access MongoDB with Python

  • 7.1. Introduction
  • 7.2. Install PyMongo and Create its Connection
  • 7.3. Retrieve a Collection with Pandas
  • 7.4. Quiz

Chapter 8: Final Tasks

  • 8.1. Final Project
  • 8.2. Self-Study Essay

Chapter 9: Finishing the Course

  • 9.1. What We Have Learned
  • 9.2. Where to Go Next?
  • 9.3. Your Opinion Matters
  • 9.4. Congrats! You did it!

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Customer Reviews

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Linda N.
Loved the learning platform

The learning platform was amazing! The best I’ve seen! Great course as well.

Léa Bellaud
great teaching style

The course is great and intense and i had to do alot of self study and research and i enjoyed it

Wilma Åström
Happy to enroll in this course

The course had all the material I needed to have a good basic knowledge and even much more of MongoDB and the content and topics were really well chosen.

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