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Email Marketing definitely has several unique advantages over other forms of marketing. The most significant benefit of email marketing is its ability to reach a worldwide audience of consumers with minimal effort. Email marketing helps you grab consumers' attention, propel them to action, raise awareness about your business, and connect with them where they are spending their time. The opportunities for email marketing success are endless - if you understand the power of email marketing and have the right strategy.

In this course, you will learn about email marketing and developing and implementing a strategy to start email marketing as part of your digital marketing approach. By the end of this course, students will learn about email collection methods and growing email lists, planning email marketing campaigns, principles of effective emails design, email marketing automation, and email marketing KPIs.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about email marketing and its role in digital marketing
  • Get familiar with on-site and offline email collection methods,
  • Learn about planning email marketing campaigns, planning, and segmentation, and creating templates and A/B split testing
  • Get familiar with the principles of effective email design
  • Learn about email marketing automation
  • Get to know personalized emails and triggers
  • Learn about email marketing campaign metrics
  • Learn to analyze email marketing KPIs, delivered emails, open rates, CTR, conversion rate, bounce, and subscribe rate

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Beginning with This Course
  • 1.1. Our Approach in This Course
  • 1.2. About TechClass Digital Marketing Department
  • 1.3. Your Expectations, Goals, and Knowledge

Chapter 2: Introduction to Email Marketing

  • 2.1. What is Email Marketing?
  • 2.2. Importance of Email Marketing
  • 2.3. Email Marketing Role in Digital Marketing
  • 2.4. Types of Emails

Chapter 3: Growing Email List

  • 3.1. Email Collection Methods
  • 3.2. On-site Email Collection
  • 3.3. What is Lead Magnet?
  • 3.4. Offline Email Collection

Chapter 4: Planning Email Marketing Campaigns

  • 4.1. Audience Planning
  • 4.2. Segmentation
  • 4.3. Frequency Planning
  • 4.4. Choosing Email Marketing Software
  • 4.5. Creating a Template
  • 4.6. Tips on Creating a Newsletter
  • 4.7. A/B Split Testing
  • 4.8. Tips on Email Subject

 Chapter 5: Principles of Effective Email Design

  • 5.1. Marketing Email Components
  • 5.2. Tips on Call-to-Action Design
  • 5.3. Email Design Checklist

Chapter 6: Email Marketing Automation

  • 6.1. What is Marketing Automation?
  • 6.2. Types of Automated Email
  • 6.3. Personalized Email
  • 6.4. What is Trigger?
  • 6.5. Automation Tools

Chapter 7: Email Marketing KPIs

  • 7.1. Email Marketing Campaign Metrics
  • 7.2. Emails Delivered
  • 7.3. Open Rate
  • 7.4. Click-through Rate
  • 7.5. Conversions Rate
  • 7.6. Spam Marking
  • 7.7. Bounce Rate
  • 7.8. Unsubscribe Rate

Chapter 8: Final Tasks

  • 8.1. Final Project
  • 8.2. Self-study Essay
  • 8.3. Congrats! You did it!


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I just finished it and am excited about how it can help me market my products and keep in touch with my customers.

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