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Good job TechClass

Everything was great. The preprocessing of textual data was well articulated. This course explained classic and advanced problems step by step. In a word, fantastic!

More templates

I was looking for getting more strategy templates from the course. but overall i liked it.


Fundamentally it was a good course, some of the new updates are lso good to be included, although when I asked about them, the support said, soon they will add them.

Just finished it

I just finished it and am excited about how it can help me market my products and keep in touch with my customers.

Thank you so much for this great effort, It really helped me alot, i wish you more and more success , keep up the good work .

Great course material

It was beneficial for me to be explained step by step in the implementations.

Very useful topics to learn as a data analayst

Excellent quality content! It was vast and very informative. Bring you from the ground floor in statistical data analysis to its modern edges.

good course

very powerful tool, and the course was also very helpful to learn and keep you interested to follow

zero to happy

I had very little knowledge before the course, some parts were a bit struggle, but overall a very good course for me

E-Commerce Online Course
Piotr Matelowska
ecommerce course

good one, thanks

Good course

Great subjects. Great assignment.

Fall in love with deep learning with Tensorflow

You excellently arranged the content of this course. It moved from simple to complex. At the end of this course, I learned everything you need to know about implementing CNN projects with the help of TensorFlow.

Great course.

You helped me a lot. Thank you.

A gentle introduction to machine learning

It is a very basic course gives students an attitude toward machine learning solutions.

Data Analytics Capstone Online Course (10 credits)
Nooa Laine
Good projects, great support from TechClass

After taking several courses on data analysis, I chose this course as the last step. Real datasets and complete projects dominated my data analysis concepts. Thank you TechClass.

an idea

I wish we could learn this course more through their own affiliate marketing program as well

Compelling course

The content and topics were really well chosen.


For me not having any experience, some parts was challenging, but good that support is also available

Well-written, great topics

This course simplified the concepts that made me I could easily understand.

Thank you Techclass

Im managing our company's email marketing affairs now and trying to apply what I learned from this course step by step. Thank you.

E-Commerce Online Course
Patrick Andersen
Liked it.

I liked it. Thanks.

good overall

same with youtube course, i also had to use my credit card to pay for ads to learn in practice

Fun course

Starts with very good refreshing topics and continues to explain how to become an AWS ML engineer


That was great to learn how to deploy the trained model. Very well written course.

support said there will be certain courses for each social media but i also wanted to learn them all here