Utilizing data science has undoubtedly become one of the main strategies in all data-drive businesses. TechClass data science department offers comprehensive, high-quality, and practical online courses so that anyone can start learning, building, and problem-solving with AI, machine learning, and data science. TechClass data science department is committed to offering a global-level education on AI and data science that can motivate and inspire students, and be transferred to their future jobs. It is specifically aimed at positions such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, and Database Manager,  which are highly in-demand these days.

At TechClass Data Science Department, we carefully design our courses to cover modern, practical, and state-of-the-art AI and data science technologies and avoid topics that are obsolete and no longer used in the industry. Our courses directly follow the latest industry trends to effectively fill the gap between academia and industry, hence preparing you for landing your future career opportunities. In particular, our courses focus on trending methodologies of AI and data science such as machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, business intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and different sorts of data-driven solutions.

Training Characteristics

Teaching you the tools and mindset to thrive and pursue a career in the industry.


The main target is to enable students to pursue their careers in the industry. Therefore, they need to learn the material in practice.

Zero to Hero

All the subjects need to start from the most fundamental and essential topics, and students will be assisted in learning more advanced material.


The program is entirely online and designed to meet students’ needs who prefer distance-learning or want to obtain comprehensive, diverse knowledge in certain fields.


Our learning content will get updated regularly, especially once new tools and technologies become industry trends.

Programs and Courses

A large portfolio of practical and diverse programs and courses.

Data Science Career Opportunities

Data Science Training Programs and Courses are exclusively designed for in-demand Data Science job positions.
* salary sources: Glassdoor

Data Scientist

Average annual salary (US): $119,378*

Data Analyst

Average annual salary (US): $67,271*

Machine Learning Engineer

Average annual salary (US): $130,986*

BI Analyst

Average annual salary (US): $85,720*

BI Developer

Average annual salary (US): $94,728*

TechClass Difference

TechClass is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of online education.

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