Unlocking Potential - Larissa’s journey with TechClass

Today, we shine the spotlight on Larissa, an enthusiastic student whose journey with TechClass shows the transformative impact of embracing new opportunities and refining essential skills in the tech industry.

Who is Larissa?

Meet Larissa, a 26-year-old American-Cameroonian with a passion for learning. She began her journey with a bachelor's degree in economics from her home country and later pursued business management in Finland, showing her love for diverse experiences. As she stepped into the professional world, Larissa gained insights through an online internship in human resources, kickstarting her career.

Embracing New Opportunities with TechClass

Driven by her passion for knowledge and growth, Larissa stumbled upon TechClass through a friend's suggestion. She embraced the opportunity with great excitement, wanting to learn more about tech-related topics such as artificial intelligence. “I’m very diverse and I am always willing to learn new things,” She added.

Transformative Training Experience

At TechClass, Larissa was able to learn a variety of skills, from business practices to marketing, data analytics, web development, and programming. “What makes TechClass unique, to be honest, is that It's very practical, and they have practical examples” . She also highlighted that the support received from the TechClass team was great. “I got responses like, really fast. And I do appreciate that. That encouraged me”

Spreading the Word

Impressed by the practical and engaging courses at TechClass, Larissa didn't hesitate to recommend TechClass to friends and colleagues. “Even my friends who are in the health sector, when I gave them the TechClass link, they were like oh! Wow this is interesting”, she shared. She also stressed the importance of upskilling and having the knowledge of tech to boost job opportunities. “Tech is always booming in the economy now. Having a knowledge in tech, it's kind of like really good and it's going to help in the job market. So I feel like encouraging people.”

Larissa's TechClass journey is an inspiration for anyone looking to enhance their skills and embrace new opportunities. Her story encourages us all to step outside our comfort zones, face new challenges, and pursue our passions with determination. With TechClass as a supportive platform, it is evident that anyone can embark on their journey of growth and success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Training Funding Source

This training program was funded by SECLE, The Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment.

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