A New Path in a New Country: Adam's TechClass Success Story

In our series of featuring students' success stories with TechClass, today we are excited to share the journey of another accomplished student, Adam.

Meet Adam

Meet Adam (Abduljaleel Adam Bayero), an enthusiastic student who has successfully completed his training program with TechClass and shared his incredible journey of learning and growth. "It's actually an incredible opportunity to be part of Techclass," Adam says, reflecting on his experience.

Relocating to Finland

After moving to Finland, Adam found the job market very challenging.”I just entered Finland. So I felt like trying to pick up skills, especially in IT, to have a better chance” A friend recommended TechClass to Adam, which started his journey with TechClass.

Mastering E-commerce and AI: Skills Learned from TechClass

Adam highlights the extensive range of skills he learned through the TechClass trainings.
"I learned how to design an e-commerce site, do the marketing, choose the name, do everything," he explains. He also learned to contact suppliers, analyse competitors, and improve SEO. Adam emphasizes, "Within the e-commerce project, there is a lot of knowledge of SEO that you're going to learn in it."

The training didn't stop at e-commerce; it also covered artificial intelligence. "Coming to the AI courses that I took, I felt like I'm five steps ahead of a lot of people who have not taken a course like this with the advent of AI, especially this year, 2024.” He added.

What Makes TechClass Unique?

Adam's experience with TechClass stands out compared to other trainings he's taken. "There is no sugar coating. It's one of the best you can take," he asserts. Unlike other courses, TechClass kept him engaged and excited. "It's not like I have to finish the project at all. No, On every page, there's something that keeps me going."

He appreciated the effort put into the course design, which ensured that there were no boring moments. "You guys have put so much time and energy into it, making sure you've removed all the unnecessary things that would bore someone out," Adam says. Each page offered something new and interesting, making the learning process enjoyable and productive.

Adam's Recommendation to Others

Adam was initially sceptical but soon realized the true value of the trainings. "I didn't really take it seriously from the beginning because I thought it's just one of those courses where you just enter, and there's nothing interesting," he admits. However, as he progressed, his perception changed. "The more I went, the more it kept getting more interesting. I got so much value into it."

“I feel like I’ve become addicted to TechClass right now. I just have to confess!” He highlighted.

His positive experience led him to share the course with others.
"That's when I started sharing with a couple of people. I feel like TechClass is doing a really good job in the tech industry."


Adam’s journey with TechClass is a testament to the course's quality and effectiveness. His experience highlights how TechClass provides practical, engaging, and valuable education in both e-commerce and AI. Adam's success story is an inspiration for anyone looking to advance their skills and knowledge in the tech industry.

Training Funding Source

This training program was funded by SECLE, The Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment.

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