Scrum and Agile Methodologies Online Course

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You will learn about the events, artifacts, and rules in an agile management system. In the end, you will get familiar with Trello and Jira: two of the most useful and well-known agile management tools.
Software development is usually a team sport and through the use of agile and scrum methods, solutions are developed together with cross-functional teams and customers and end-users. The method embraces adaptive planning, effective and continual development, and early delivery and encourages flexibility to change.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alex F.

Their learning environment is really addictive!!! Easy to use and beautiful

Ahmad Ansari
Thank you

I would like to say, thank you very much for creating a world-class tech class for us. It helps us a lot. The course material was easy and simple to follow. I understand the subject very well. I am so confident that I can tell people about it and find more information on it. This course helps me to expand my knowledge and skills. Thank you.

Lara B.
Organized and clear material

Chapters are divided in a clear and sensible way! I felt it was a pleasure to dive into. I knew already something, but step by step and advanced material really helped me to learn even more.

Juha Halkola
Thank you for the course

I think the author spoke in a very friendly and natural way and not too fast like many who just read through a text and reads it super fast. I feel that I learned a lot about this, and think it would be nice to read more about some parts of it, for example Kanban and the different Scrum roles.

Jaakko Peltonen
Hyvä kurssi

Opin paljon uutta. Kurssi yllätti positiivisesti monipuolisuudella. Voisin harkita myös muita kursseja jatkossa.

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