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SharePoint is a web-based intranet that improves data management and access to help businesses become more efficient. Microsoft SharePoint can be used to organize, share, and access information securely from any device. This popular platform provides a safe and secure environment for storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing files from any device. Various businesses can utilize SharePoint to perform their mission-critical operations, thanks to the growing popularity of remote work solutions worldwide. To boost productivity at work, users can utilize SharePoint as a central site for document management and teamwork.

This course gives users the information and up-to-date skills they need to quickly access operating operations from a single dashboard, such as security settings, site backups and data, restorations, and permissions adjustments. Additionally, organizations will learn how to use Microsoft SharePoint to build websites, automate corporate operations, track progress, and securely share data across departments. By the end of this course, students will be able to work with SharePoint sites, navigate in SharePoint and manage their documents using SharePoint’s advanced features.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to work with SharePoint sites
  • Learn how to manage documents
  • Learn to work with lists
  • Learn how to create a team or communication site
  • Learn about adding a SharePoint App to your site
  • Learn about customizing pages and web parts
  • Get familiar with connecting SharePoint to Microsoft Teams
  • Learn how to automate SharePoint with Workflows
  • Learn how to adjust permissions

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Intro to Course

  • 1.1. Welcome!
  • 1.2. About TechClass Office Product...
  • 1.3. Learning Outcomes
  • 1.4. Your Expectations, Goals, and Knowledge
  • 1.5. Abbreviations
  • 1.6. Copyright Notice

Chapter 2: Introduction to Micrsoft SharePoint

  • 2.1. What is Microsoft SharePoint?
  • 2.2. What You Need for this Course

Chapter 3: Get Started with SharePoint

  • 3.1. Get Started with SharePoint

Chapter 4: Work with SharePoint Sites

  • 4.1. Site Content
  • 4.2. Navigation in SharePoint
  • 4.3. Profile
  • 4.4. Search
  • 4.5. Find and Follow a Site
  • 4.6. Share a Site
  • 4.7. Post News
  • 4.8. Communication Site
  • 4.9. Mobile App
  • 4.10. Quiz

Chapter 5: Documents Management

  • 5.1. Document Library
  • 5.2. Office Document
  • 5.3. Save a Document
  • 5.4. Collaboration on a Document
  • 5.5. Upload a Document
  • 5.6. Manage Documents
  • 5.7. Alert
  • 5.8. Share a File
  • 5.9. Request Sign-Off
  • 5.10. Quiz

Chapter 6: Work with Lists

  • 6.1. Lists
  • 6.2. List Data
  • 6.3. Tools for Lists
  • 6.4. Recycle Bin
  • 6.5. Quiz

Chapter 7: SharePoint from Teams

  • 7.1. Use SharePoint from Teams

Chapter 8: Create Theme and Associate Sites

  • 8.1. SharePoint Online Sites
  • 8.2. Create a Team or Communication Site
  • 8.3. Change the Look of Your Site
  • 8.4. Change the Communication Sites Footer Settings
  • 8.5. Navigation Option for Communication and Hub Sites
  • 8.6. Associate a Site with a Hub
  • 8.7. Quiz

Chapter 9: Customize SharePoint List and Library Apps

  • 9.1. Add Microsoft Lists to Your Site
  • 9.2. Add a SharePoint App to Your Site
  • 9.3. Create a New Custom List from Excel
  • 9.4. Add an App to Site Navigation
  • 9.5. Add and Manage List Columns
  • 9.6. Create a View
  • 9.7. Apply Conditional Formatting to a View
  • 9.8. Set versioning and Content Approval Options
  • 9.9. Create a Basic Mobile App for a List
  • 9.10. Quiz

Chapter 10: Customize Pages and Web Parts

  • 10.1. Edit a Hero Web Part
  • 10.2. Edit an Image Gallery
  • 10.3. Modify Page Layout in a Team Site
  • 10.4. Add, Edit, and Manage Web Parts
  • 10.5. Add your Power App to a Site
  • 10.6. Add a Page to a Site
  • 10.7. Display a Video from Microsoft Stream
  • 10.8. Share a Power BI Visualization in SharePoint
  • 10.9. Quiz

Chapter 11: Connect SharePoint to Microsoft Teams

  • 11.1. Add the Teams Experience to SharePoint
  • 11.2. Add SharePoint Lists to Teams
  • 11.3. Add a SharePoint Library and pages to Teams
  • 11.4. Quiz

Chapter 12: Automate SharePoint with Workflows

  • 12.1. Workflows
  • 12.2. Create a Workflow with Power Automate

Chapter 13: Adjust Permissions

  • 13.1. SharePoint Permissions
  • 13.2. Create a New Security Group
  • 13.3. Set Permissions for a Library
  • 13.4. Set Access Request for a Site
  • 13.5. Quiz

Chapter 14: Final Tasks

  • 14.1. Final Project


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