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Today, businesses seek an easy tool to deal with data, convert it into insights, facilitate accessing historical and current views of business operations, and make predictions for the future. Microsoft Power BI is a great solution that meets enterprises' needs in a way that it combines data preparation and discovery, interactive dashboards, and rich visualizations into a single solution, and its self-service capabilities make it. It is an analytics and reporting service provided by Microsoft that facilitates adopting business intelligence for companies, organizations, and enterprises. Other than data analysts, Micorosft Power BI comes in handy for people in other roles such as "BI developers" and "business analysts" who are responsible for data processing and understanding for businesses.

TechClass Power BI online course will teach you how to work with the essential features of Power BI to explore, experiment with, fix, prepare, and present data easily, quickly, and beautifully. During this course, you will gradually learn data visualization, data transformation, data modeling, and creating reports and dashboards through Power BI Desktop and Power BI service. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to enter the fantastic world of data analysis and business intelligence towards fantastic job opportunities in the industry to create opportunities for key decision-makers to discover data patterns such as customer purchase behavior, sales trends, or production bottlenecks.

Learning outcomes

  • Get familiar with the concepts of business intelligence (BI), business analytics, data analysis, and how they are related
  • Get familiar with the differences between traditional and modern BI
  • Become proficient in importing different types of data into Power BI Desktop from local drive, web sources, and Power BI datasets
  • Learn how to apply general transformations, text column transformations, number column transformations, and combine queries using Power Query Editor
  • Learn the essential practices of data modeling in Power BI, such as creating and managing relationships, using measures, calculated columns, and what-if parameters
  • Get hands-on experience with data visualization using various types of plots
  • Get familiar with Power BI Q&A and use it to create visualizations
  • Learn how to create dashboards and configure and manage them
  • Learn how to collaborate on Power BI reports and dashboards with colleagues
  • Learn how to export Power BI reports and dashboards and share them with people

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Intro to Course 

  • 1.1. Welcome! 
  • 1.2. About TechClass Data Science Department 
  • 1.3. Learning Outcomes 
  • 1.4. Your Expectations, Goals, and Knowledge
  • 1.5. Abbreviations
  • 1.6. Copyright Notice

Chapter 2: Introduction to Business Intelligence

  • 2.1. What is Business Intelligence?
  • 2.2. Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics
  • 2.3. BI's Big Four
  • 2.4. Traditional vs. Modern BI
  • 2.5. Overview of Data Analysis
  • 2.6. Quiz

Chapter 3: Getting Started with Power BI

  • 3.1. What is Microsoft Power BI?
  • 3.2. Parts of Power BI
  • 3.3. How Power BI Matches Your Role
  • 3.4. Set Up Power BI as Part of Your Organization
  • 3.5. Set Up Power BI as an Individual
  • 3.6. Sign Up for Power BI with a Microsoft 365 Trial
  • 3.7. Install and Run Power BI Desktop

Chapter 4: Building Blocks of Power BI

  • 4.1. Capacities and Workspaces
  • 4.2. Datasets
  • 4.3. Visualizations
  • 4.4. Reports
  • 4.5. Tiles
  • 4.6. Dashboards
  • 4.7. All Together
  • 4.8. Quiz

Chapter 5: Importing Data

  • 5.1. Connect to Data Sources
  • 5.2. Import Data from Excel
  • 5.3. Import Text/CSV Data
  • 5.4. Connect to a Web Data Source: Import a CSV File
  • 5.5. Connect to a Web Data Source: Load a Web Page Data
  • 5.6. Power BI Datasets: Create a Workspace
  • 5.7. Power BI Datasets: Add a Dataset to Your Workspace
  • 5.8. Connect to Power BI Datasets in Power BI Desktop

Chapter 6: Data Transformation

  • 6.1. Power Query and Power Query Editor
  • 6.2. General Transformations
  • 6.3. Text Column Transformations
  • 6.4. Number Column Transformations: Part 1
  • 6.5. Number Column Transformations: Part 2
  • 6.6. Date Column Transformations
  • 6.7. Time Column Transformations
  • 6.8. Add New Columns
  • 6.9. Add Custom Column

Chapter 7: Data Visualization

  • 7.1. Introduction to Visuals in Power BI
  • 7.2. Create and Customize Simple Visualizations
  • 7.3. Pie Charts and Donut Charts
  • 7.4. Slicers
  • 7.5. Map Visualizations
  • 7.6. Tables and Matrices
  • 7.7. Scatter Charts
  • 7.8. Waterfall and Funnel Charts
  • 7.9. Treemaps
  • 7.10. Page Layout
  • 7.11. Add Static Elements

Chapter 8: Data Modeling

  • 8.1. Introduction to Data Modeling
  • 8.2. Create and Manage Relationships
  • 8.3. Create Calculated Columns
  • 8.4. Create Calculated Tables
  • 8.5. Apply Auto Date/Time
  • 8.6. Create Measures
  • 8.7. Use Quick Measures for Common Calculations
  • 8.8. Optimize Data Models
  • 8.9. Explore Time-based Data
  • 8.10. What-if Parameters for Variable Visualization

Chapter 9: Creating Reports and Dashboards

  • 9.1. Introduction to Power BI Service
  • 9.2. Introduction to Reports and Dashboards
  • 9.3. Create a Dashboard from Report
  • 9.4. Quick Insights
  • 9.5. Edit Tile Details and Add Widgets
  • 9.6. Introduction to Power BI Q&A Visualizations
  • 9.7. Create a Visual with Power BI Q&A
  • 9.8. Make Excel Data Work Well with Q&A

Chapter 10: Collaborate and Share

  • 10.1. Publish Power BI Desktop Reports
  • 10.2. Share Dashboards with Your Organization
  • 10.3. Print and Export Dashboards and Reports
  • 10.4. Publish to Web
  • 10.5. Integrate OneDrive for Business with Power BI

Chapter 11: Final Tasks

  • 11.1. Project
  • 11.2. Self-study Essay

Chapter 11: Finishing the Course

  • 11.1. What We Have Learned
  • 11.2. Where to Go Next?
  • 11.3. Your Opinion Matters
  • 11.4. Congrats! You did it!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michal Galas
good course

very powerful tool, and the course was also very helpful to learn and keep you interested to follow

Finn De Vries
Absolutely Loved this course.

The course will bring out a power BI expert from you in case you are interested in BI tools. highly recommend it.

Karl Petersen
Great course

It is jam-packed with helpful material! Thanks a lot.

R. Brown
Very good learning experience

The course material covers almost everything you need to know about Power BI. I started using them in my job during my lessons.

Christian Lindberg
nice course

I really like the structure of techclass and the fact that you could read the theory and do it in practice at the same time! No boring lectures to watch.

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