Introduction to Data Science Study Path

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Data science is the study of the generalizable extraction of knowledge from data to improve our understanding and reveal the features or the hidden structure of complicated phenomena within data. Data science is dominating most industries today, as most of them operate on the basis of data. Today, because the value data science can add has been proven, more and more businesses are utilizing the power of data science to make evidence-based decisions, promote employee training, and understand their customers. To learn such a high-demand and useful knowledge, ones need to learn various skills since data science is an interdisciplinary field; it uses techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the context of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and programming. Thus learning data science through a training path that contains all basic courses to more advanced ones is a very smart and beneficial choice.

TechClass Introduction to Data Science Study Path Online Course will introduce you to the TechClass Postgraduate Program in Data Science and some general topics. You will get familiar with the concept of Data Science, related industry trends, and career opportunities to be prepared for the rest of the program. You will also learn about the basic structure of the program, its learning path, and courses. Finally, You will learn about the TechClass online learning environment to be able to consume learning material, submit assignments, participate in discussions, ask for support, and get the program certificate.

Learning outcomes

  • Get familiar with data science and its various related job positions
  • Learn about the demand for the data scientist position in the industry
  • Learn about various steps and courses in the TechClass Data Science Training Program
  • Learn which struggles a data scientist may face during the data science journey
  • Get familiar with TechClass LMS
  • Learn about various ways for asking supports and your questions during this training path
  • Learn how to submit assessment request as your last step in finalizing each course

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Intro to Course

  • 1.1. Welcome!
  • 1.2. About TechClass Data Science Department
  • 1.3. Learning Outcomes
  • 1.4. Abbreviations
  • 1.5. Copyright Notice

Chapter 2: Introduction to Data Science

  • 2.1. What is Data Science?
  • 2.2. Who is a Data Scientist?
  • 2.3. Data Science Challenges
  • 2.4. History

Chapter 3: Career and Industry Trends

  • 3.1. Career Opportunities
  • 3.2. In-Demand Skills
  • 3.3. Rising Industry Demand
  • 3.4. Industry Trends

Chapter 4: Postgraduate Program in Data Science

  • 4.1. Introduction
  • 4.2. Learning Path
  • 4.3. Courses
  • 4.4. Prerequisites
  • 4.5. Choices

Chapter 5: TechClass LMS

  • 5.1. Introduction
  • 5.2. Learning Environment

Chapter 6: How to Get Support

  • 6.1. Support Ticket
  • 6.2. Discussions
  • 6.3. Messaging

Chapter 7: Completion & Certificate

  • 7.1. Program Outcomes
  • 7.2. Certification

Chapter 8: Finishing the Course

  • 8.1. What We Have Learned
  • 8.2. Where to Go Next?
  • 8.3. Congrats! You did it!

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