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Google Workspace Training Program is a comprehensive online program to help anyone increase productivity using Google Workspace applications and services and pursue their career goals in the industry.

Many offices and companies in the world are using Google Workspace applications to run all sorts of business affairs. Google Workspace is Google’s cloud-based suite of productivity applications that includes powerful collaborative tools, software, and products built for organizations. Google Workspace Training Program focuses on both individual and collaborative features of Google Workspace to teach you how to tap into all the power this cloud-based service has to offer. Updated for 2021 with all-new modules covering lots of Google Workspace applications, taught in a practical way to maximize your productivity.

Google Workspace Training Program learning path includes three options with a vast portfolio of practical courses. It will provide the students with a step-by-step guide towards learning the latest job-ready skills.

    Key features

    Zero-to-hero learning path

    The program covers the most fundamental topics and continues to more advanced ones.

    Interactive content

    The program is full of interactive and insightful screenshots, illustrations, GIFs, and videos.

    Courses for Enterprise-grade Services

    The program includes several courses that cover enterprise-grade tools and services such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

    Lots of practical exercises

    Each course in the program includes several practical exercises to help students better learn the topics.

    Various Hands-on Projects

    The program includes various hands-on projects that involve working with real-world problems.

    Various In-demand Skills

    The program aims to teach students more various in-demand office productivity skills.


    It is essential to understand each students' needs and provide a training package suitable for such demands. Students have three options to pick when they register in this program. Some want only to get familiar with the fundamental topics, some want to have more comprehensive knowledge, and others may wish to obtain ultimate and extensive skills and expertise.

    1. Fast-track (60 credits)
      Mandatory: 40 credits / Elective: 10 credits / Project : 5 credits / Job Preparation: 5 credits
      This option would be a suitable start to familiarize the students with the most fundamental topics. Throughout this program, students can make sure the area is interesting for them and obtain skills for entry-level jobs in the field.
    2. Professional (90 credits)
      Mandatory: 40 credits / Elective: 35 credits / Project : 10 credits / Job Preparation: 5 credits
      This option will start with the fundamental topics, then allow the students to select more elective subjects and extend their skills. The plan is to prepare the students for mid-level positions throughout this option.
    3. Masters (120 credits)
      Mandatory: 40 credits / Elective: 60 credits / Project : 15 credits / Job Preparation: 5 credits
      This option enables the students to have extensive and comprehensive skills and practical knowledge in the program's scope. Students may select various topics from the elective portfolio and even learn extended material.

    List of courses

    1. Introduction to Google Workspace (5 credits)
    2. Gmail (5 credits)
    3. Meet (5 credits)
    4. Chat (5 credits)
    5. Calendar (5 credits)
    6. Drive (5 credits)
    7. Docs (10 credits)
    8. Sheets (10 credits)
    9. Slides (10 credits)
    10. Forms (5 credits)
    11. Sites (10 credits)
    12. Currents (5 credits)
    13. Keep (5 credits)
    14. App Script (5 credits)
    15. Cloud Search (5 credits)
    16. Jamboard (5 credits)
    17. Admin (5 credits)
    18. Endpoint (5 credits)
    19. Vault (5 credits)
    20. Work Insights (5 credits)


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