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A spreadsheet refers to a file made of rows and columns where users can put their data. It allows you to sort, arrange and perform numerical calculations in different fields. Google Sheets is a web-based application that allows users to create, modify and update spreadsheets online. Using Sheets, users can analyze and organize their information, add, delete, and sort their rows and columns. This Google product enables multiple users to chat and collaborate in a secure environment in real-time and track changes. Every change made to your spreadsheets is saved automatically in Sheets, and you can track edits using a feature called Version History that presents changes. Google Sheet supports several file types, including XLS, XLSX, XLSM, TXT, ODS, and CSV, making it easy to view and convert Microsoft Office files directly from Google Drive.
In this course, students will learn how to work with Google Sheets effectively. They will learn how to create and edit a sheet, how to format their spreadsheets and modify columns and rows, get familiar with functions and formulas, work with data, and learn how to sort, format, and filter their data and how to work collaboratively with other users. Also, students will learn about using charts, pictures, and drawings and how to print and share their spreadsheets.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the Google Sheets app and its uses
  • Learn how to create and edit a sheet
  • Learn how to edit and format a spreadsheet
  • Learn how to modify columns and rows
  • Get familiar with using functions and formulas
  • Learn how to work with data
  • Learn how to sort, filter, or format data
  • Learn how to create and edit charts
  • Learn how to print a spreadsheet
  • Get familiar with using pictures and drawing
  • Get familiar with settings and different tools

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Intro to Course

  • 1.1. Welcome!
  • 1.2. About TechClass Office Product...
  • 1.3. Learning Outcomes
  • 1.4. Your Expectations, Goals, and Knowledge
  • 1.5. Abbreviations
  • 1.6. Copyright Notice

Chapter 2: Introduction

  • 2.1. What is Google Sheets?
  • 2.2. What Can You Do with Sheets?

Chapter 3: Get Started with Google Sheets

  • 3.1. Sign in and Launch Google Sheets
  • 3.2. Google Sheets Interface
  • 3.3. Access Sheets from Google Drive
  • 3.4. Use Help
  • 3.5. Quiz

Chapter 4: Create and Edit a Document

  • 4.1. Create and Name a New Spreadsheet
  • 4.2. Insert, Rename and Delete Sheets
  • 4.3. Enter Constant Values and Use Autofill
  • 4.4. Select and Modify Cell Contents
  • 4.5. Open and Download a Spreadsheet
  • 4.6. Cut, Copy, and Paste Data
  • 4.7. Undo and Redo
  • 4.8. Check Spelling
  • 4.9. Find and Replace
  • 4.10. Publish Sheets
  • 4.11. Share and Collaborate on a Spreadsheet
  • 4.12. Quiz

Chapter 5: Edit and Format a Spreadsheet

  • 5.1. Change Data Format
  • 5.2. Change Cell Borders
  • 5.3. Alignment and Resize
  • 5.4. Format Numbers
  • 5.5. Change the Theme and Use Conditional Formatting
  • 5.6. Quiz

Chapter 6: Modify Columns and Rows

  • 6.1. Insert and Delete Columns or Rows
  • 6.2. Move and Resize Columns or Rows
  • 6.3. Group Columns or Rows
  • 6.4. Freeze and Unfreeze Columns or Rows
  • 6.5. Protect and Hide Sheets
  • 6.6. Edit Sheets
  • 6.7. Quiz

Chapter 7: Use Functions and Formulas

  • 7.1. Google Sheets Formulas
  • 7.2. Add Formulas
  • 7.3. Use the SUM and Average Function
  • 7.4. Use Common Functions
  • 7.5. Quiz

Chapter 8: Work with Data

  • 8.1. Create and Use Pivot Tables
  • 8.2. Reference Data from Other Sheets
  • 8.3. Import Data Sets and Spreadsheets
  • 8.4. Automatically Create a Series or List
  • 8.5. Name a Range of Cells
  • 8.6. Quiz

Chapter 9: Sort, Filter, or Format Data

  • 9.1. Sort and Filter Your Data
  • 9.2. Create an in-cell Dropdown List
  • 9.3. Add and Use Checkboxes

Chapter 10: Create and Edit Charts

  • 10.1. Add and Edit a Chart or Graph
  • 10.2. Types of Charts and Graphs
  • 10.3. Add and Edit a Trendline
  • 10.4. Add Data Labels, Notes, or ErrorBars to a Chart
  • 10.5. Edit Your Chart's Axes
  • 10.6. Save or Publish Your Chart
  • 10.7. Quiz

Chapter 11: Print a Spreadsheet

  • 11.1. Preview and Print a Sheet
  • 11.2. Print Settings
  • 11.3. Quiz

Chapter 12: Work with Pictures and Drawing

  • 12.1. Insert an Image
  • 12.2. Create and Edit a Drawing
  • 12.3. Quiz

Chapter 13: Settings and Tools

  • 13.1. Set a Spreadsheet’s Location and Calculation Settings
  • 13.2. Use Google Products Side by Side
  • 13.3. Automate Tasks
  • 13.4. Turn on Notifications in a Spreadsheet
  • 13.5. Use Smart Fill in Sheets to Automate Data Entry
  • 13.6. Add-ons

Chapter 14: Final Tasks

  • 14.1.Final Project


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