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Google Jamboard is a cloud-based tool that allows real-time visual collaboration between users. It is excellent for both simultaneous and asynchronous interactive work. You can use it to build communication with your colleagues and team members to improve the creativity of your work.
Students can use a range of editing tools on their tablets to communicate with other students or educators, and teachers and students can also access the content through a web browser. It can get everyone engaged in exercises that require critical thinking and problem-solving in classrooms. Jamboard makes learning visible and available to all 'jam session' contributors. It facilitates brainstorming to generate ideas and helps members to get more creative. You can share Jamboard with multiple people, and they can all contribute to the same board simultaneously during or after a session.

TechClass Google Jamboard course will introduce the student to the Google Jamboard platform. The students will get familiar with different tools and interactive features of Jamboard and learn how to use them practically. By the end of this course, students will be able to use Jamboard for different activities, such as creating a jam, saving it, inserting different objects into the jam, and adding collaborators.

Learning outcomes

  • Get familiar with the Google Jamboard interface.
  • Learn how to access Jamboard from Google Drive.
  • Learn how to create and save a jam.
  • Learn to insert different objects into the jam.
  • Learn how to change the background and manage frames.
  • Get familiar with more actions that can be done in the Jamboard app.
  • Learn to add collaborators.
  • Learn how to collaborate with others using Jamboard.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Intro to Course

  • 1.1. Welcome!
  • 1.2. About TechClass Office Product...
  • 1.3. Learning Outcomes
  • 1.4. Your Expectations, Goals, and Knowledge
  • 1.5. Abbreviations
  • 1.6. Copyright Notice

Chapter 2: Introduction to Google Jamboard

  • 2.1. What is Google Jamboard?
  • 2.2. What Can You Do with Jamboard?

Chapter 3: Get Started with Google Jamboard

  • 3.1. Sign in and Launch Google Jamboard
  • 3.2. Google Jamboard Interface
  • 3.3. Access Jamboard from Google Drive
  • 3.4. Use Help
  • 3.5. Quiz

Chapter 4: Whiteboard

  • 4.1. Create and Save a Jam
  • 4.2. Insert Shapes
  • 4.3. Insert Text Box
  • 4.4. Insert Sticky Notes
  • 4.5. Insert Images and Use Laser
  • 4.6. Work with Objects
  • 4.7. Change an Object's Level
  • 4.8. Change Background and Manage Frames
  • 4.9. More Actions
  • 4.10. Quiz

Chapter 5: Collaborate

  • 5.1. Add Collaborators
  • 5.2. Use Jamboard in a Meeting
  • 5.3. Quiz

Chapter 6: Final Tasks

  • 6.1. Final Project


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