We understand how important security is to your long-term success. Our duty is to keep on top of online security trends, and we do that by collaborating with security researchers.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services is the only place where the TechClass LMS may be found. Azure is known for its data centers, which are designed to withstand a variety of threats and are certified for excellent quality and security.

- We store mission-critical and primary data on storage infrastructure designed for that purpose. Furthermore, Azure ensures that data is stored in a secure manner.
- We make backups that are stored on numerous devices in multiple locations and availability zones. Daily backups ensure that your data can be restored in the event of a failure or an error.
- All of your files are saved on servers that employ cutting-edge technology to eliminate bottlenecks and points of failure.
- User and application data are stored separately. These servers are only accessible from within the company's internal network, which is not connected to the internet.
- Load balancers are used to keep TechClass LMS online even when traffic is excessive. Load balancers divide requests among numerous servers, allowing TechClass LMS to withstand DDoS attacks.
- AES-256 encryption is used by all Azure servers. This is the same level of encryption that the US government employs when dealing with classified information.

We constantly and thoroughly monitor, address, and prevent any security flaws to keep our users and their data safe.

TechClass LMS is protected by a firewall and is updated with the most recent security updates on a regular basis.

We examine and automatically scan TechClass LMS for well-known vulnerabilities using automated techniques.

All data exchanged between our server and your computer is encrypted using SSL/TLS 1.2. This means that if someone were to "listen in" and try to read or decode the data, they would be unable to do so.

We have strict password standards in place, as well as other secure authentication options. Your passwords are kept, hashed, and salted on encrypted servers, which means that no one at TechClass LMS knows or has access to them.

We employ comprehensive monitoring systems to visualize performance, detect unusual activity patterns, and guarantee that our entire infrastructure is up and running. As a result, service performance and uptime are excellent. (visit live service status page)

We have an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System in addition to the protection provided by Microsoft Azure Web Services.

We cultivate a culture of security at TechClass, and all of our staff are aware of its importance.

We undertake background checks before hiring.
Employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements.
Security and privacy training is provided to all staff, covering best security practices, information on new threats and vulnerabilities, as well as privacy and legal/regulatory issues.
On our premises, we never download customer data.
We have specialist teams that are constantly monitoring regulatory and legal requirements, as well as enforcing privacy and security policies.
We're insured in the event of a cyber-attack.

Live Service Status Page

We constantly monitor the health status of all of our services and make such data accessible to the public to emphasize the reliability of our services.

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ISO 27001

ISO 27001

This standard, ISO 27001, proves that we handle information security in accordance with what is widely accepted as best practice. The ISO 27001 certification signifies that we safeguard customer and employee data, handle risks efficiently, and comply to other rules and regulations. We have obtained this certification.

ISO 9001

Our adherence to ISO 9001 demonstrates that our products and processes are of the highest quality and most efficient. We also fulfill all regulatory standards, as demonstrated by the standard.

ISO 9001:2015

GDPR and Privacy

We store, retrieve, and protect your data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EU Cloud CoC has certified that Microsoft Azure Cloud services are compatible.

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