Why should your school use an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) can do wonders to enhance students learning experience and improve teaching activities, whether they’re instructor-led, self-paced or have a mixed learning and microlearning approach.

TechClass LMS For Schools. TechClass School LMS caters to the educational needs of K-12 schools.

Why schools choose TechClass LMS?

TechClass School LMS is a powerful, reliable, and modern solution to manage all your educational affairs.

TechClass LMS for Schools Features


With TechClass School LMS for schools, the administration of educational courses gets easier and easily manageable and done automatically.

Generate Reports

Teachers can effortlessly create reports. They can customize it to share the reports with the students.

Assessment and Evaluation

The goal of teaching-learning is not just restricted to providing lectures; it also entails better results. TechClass School LMS helps schools and teachers assess and evaluate the performance of the students.

Manage Courses, Users, and Roles

Easily upload courses, manage users and rolls are operated easily with system administrator and educators.

Notifications and Messaging

Notify students on submitting missing projects and assignment on time. Important messages related to different courses can be shared for better learning outcomes.

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