TechClass story. The focus has always been on the students.

The focus has always been on the students

We started our services back in 2015, two years before the company was founded. Since day one, there has been a strong connection between the students and us. The focus has been on providing practical material so the students can obtain the necessary knowledge to pursue their careers in the industry. We have always been seeking new ways to increase efficiency and find innovative ideas to make it easier for the students to learn. Students are the most important stakeholder. This is why we dramatically shifted the focus of the business on enabling the students as the primary community to get in touch and learn from each other. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of online education and constantly improving our services using the valuable feedback we receive from our students.

Our History


- Introducing TechClass Digital Academy B2C model to welcome a larger community of students


- Launching the MVP of TechClass Digital Academy

- Preparing for the first time a whole program (Postgraduate Program in Data Science (120 credits))

- Publishing two papers in INTED2021

- Partnering with tableau


- Introducing Singular Vision in the learning environment (having an impact on Course Space and Course Designer)

- Publishing a paper in INTED2020

- Partnering with Microsoft


- Launching the MVP of TechClass Smart Online Learning Platform

- Publishing two papers in INTED2019

- Sponsoring INTED2019 conference alongside Oracle Academy


- Publishing a paper in INTED2018 (Progressing From an eLearning Portal To A Smart Online Learning Community)

- Starting the idea of Smart Online Learning Environment


- Establishing the company in Helsinki, Finland