TechClass is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of online education. We started TechClass by making our students believe in “Learning Smartly”.

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is a flexible and effective way to bring education to anyone, anywhere. Online learning gives students the independence and flexibility they need to succeed by allowing them to finish courses at their own pace.

Students of online programs can complete their coursework online, including reading texts, getting assistance, interacting with classmates and teachers, etc.


Compared to traditional learning, online learning offers many advantages. It can assist students in maintaining their academic progress, learning more than they would on-campus, enrolling in more classes, and forming more connections. By enabling students to access course materials in their spare time, online education can also help people better use their time.


Covid changed the idea of people about online learning. Now, many people are more interested in taking online courses. Covid made changes in the way people look at online learning for good. Nowadays, online post-covid programs from all over the world offered by online academies enable everyone to identify their areas of need and concentrate on their academic abilities. This is an opportunity to consider additional resources that might help them learn more effectively.

Online Learning at TechClass

Self-paced learning

Online self-paced learning refers to any online learning done at the learner's own pace over the internet. A self-paced learner can progress at their own pace and take as much time as necessary to fully comprehend the material being taught.
TechClass Digital academy offers self-paced online learning to give students the ability to control the rate at which they proceed through their course. There is no set time limit for completing a course or a program. It all depends on how much effort and patience students put into this goal.

100% Online Education

Our online Learning Management System (LMS) will deliver our courses online. While physical attendance in a classroom is not required, students do not feel alone, thanks to our LMS, which provides agile support from instructors and other students. Our students are part of a vibrant online academic community, and our qualified instructors guide and support students at all times.

Learning Materials

Content preparation

Our instructors aim to provide content in a comprehensible, approachable, understandable, and memorable manner. They perform a lot of research to provide a range of courses to follow all the latest updates to help students think outside of the box regarding the topic of courses. Instructors are always looking for new and exciting topics to get included in courses since we know these days that more and more people enroll in online courses to supplement the information they already have.

The overall course materials, including content, assignments, and projects, are designed to complete each other. Our primary concern is to prepare our courses in a way to give you enough confidence to launch your career or have a significant impact on your business.

Visual Elements

Visuals make the theory more concrete and help us to absorb new knowledge. That's why you often hear that reading a text accompanied by a picture is better. Using images helps us memorize the materials we were studying for longer. The mind remembers information more effectively when visual elements are associated with it. Visuals can create interest and help us remember things better. Visual markers will be an essential part of any online course. The use of a variety of graphics will make our courses more interactive and exciting.

Addressing this fact, we at TechClass, proving content teams use many visual elements in our courses. With the help of images, we highlight essential concepts and effectively convey the story of courses.

Working with Qualified Instructors

We believe an expert instructor can bring a course to the next level. Our qualified instructors with excellent teaching experience make your learning experience practical and fun. They make learning enjoyable and stimulating. They try to spark interest among students to drive them to find out more about the subject matter covered.

Course Structure

Our state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) allows us to provide learning materials within various sections organized in some chapters. Some quizzes and assignments are located
within sections and chapters to help you learn the topics better. Finally, students are to prepare a self-study essay, deal with a final project, and then ask for the assessment.

For a better understanding of the topic and purpose of each section and chapter, we provide chapter and section descriptions. Each section has a discussion environment for students to ask questions and have their classmates or instructors answer them.

Career Development

We consider ourselves responsible for your career development. We believe in this competitive world; you should differentiate yourself from the rest. We design our courses and programs to be practical and help you gain a hands-on experience with various skills you need to learn to find your desired career or help your organization boost its business.


Learning Enviornment

TechClass is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of online education. We started TechClass by making our students believe in “Learning Smartly”.

Course Space

Our online course space is intuitive and easy to navigate and designed to cover all your needs.


Increase learner engagement with Gamification in every course.

Smart Cognitive Features

Our smart cognitive features unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assist the students further in their studies.

Privacy & GDPR

Here in TechClass, we have a professional, legal, and ethical responsibility to ensure the information we store and process are entirely aligned with the principles of confidentiality, integrity, privacy and availability. The GDPR comes into force on 25th of May 2018, and since the day one, we considered the GDPR concerns throughout the analysis, design, and implementation of the MVP of our platform that we released on February 2019.

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Collaborative Learning


Support ticket:

You are provided with a Support Center, which is the centralized support environment of the TechClass platform. It enables you to send support tickets to the TechClass support team and ask questions about the platform, organization, and courses.

Instructor feedback:

Feedback is a vital part of any learning process, both for instructors and for students. Effective feedback helps the learner to positively reflect on their learning strategies and progress so they can make adjustments to make improvements in their learning. Once learners submit their tasks on the TechClass LMS, the instructors will review and provide them with personalized and constructive feedback.

Students feedback:

Students can also give feedback to their peers as a part of the collaborative learning approach in TechClass.

Student- Student

Peer Review:

When a student submits an assignment or project, she can review and rate the submissions of other students, and in addition, she can receive feedback from other classmates. This process, known as peer reviews, can assist students in identifying the strengths and flaws of their answers by comparing them.


If you have any questions or issues in the sections, you can start a discussion. The instructors and other students can participate and reply to you. You can also help other classmates by responding to their discussion posts.


Instead of a private support ticket, you can submit a public forum message and ask for solutions to your issues. Then wait for the instructors and other classmates to reply and help. You can also share extended learning material in the course forum for everyone to benefit from.



Upon completing the training programs, students will receive the program certification from TechClass which testifies their skills.

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TechClass Difference

TechClass is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of online education.

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