For Government (B2G)

We provide solutions for governmental organizations to support their national and international missions in the education sector.

Having an impact through education

We have a history of working with governmental organizations, making projects successful, and bringing positive impact to society. We bring you expertise in the field to help you build a project that can transform your communities and create value.

Government clients have unique needs and requirements that require understanding the specific policies, regulations, and regulatory environments. We can effectively meet these needs with the right expertise and knowledge resources.

Advantages of joint collaboration with TechClass

Focusing on the Value

Nationally and internationally funded projects have certain targets. We assure bringing results efficiently and delivering tremendous value while making the projects' missions successful.

Responsible Collaboration

Our experts are available to assist the partners with proposal preparation, solution preparation, providing services, support and monitoring, and finally, reporting and closing.

Great Portfolio

We already have a great number of ready services that can boost the process of preparation. Agility is the key to such partnerships. Our teams can assign top priorities to finalize the services entirely aligned with the requirements.

Great Reputation and Structure

TechClass has a great organizational structure, financial balance sheet, and authentic mission and vision. Having TechClass as a service provider adds significant weight and credibility to the proposal.

TechClass Difference

TechClass is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of online education.

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