After years of providing learning material and implementing learning enviornments, we truly believe, we have the recipe to sucess and teach you the tools and mindset to thrive and pursue a career in the industry.

Let us make you familiar with the elements of such confidence:

1. Content

2. Support

Support Center

The Support Center is the centralized support environment of the TechClass platform. It enables users to send and receive support tickets about the Platform, organizational-related, and course issues.


While a student is on the course sections, if there were any questions or issues regarding the section content, the student can start a Discussion. Later, the lecturer can reply to the post.


Students may ask their questions in the Q&A section and wait for the lecturers, tutors, and even classmates to reply and provide answers to them. It is also a great place to explore and learn more about the subjects.

Peer Reviews

After each assignment submission, students will receive many peer reviews from other classmates. For each peer review, the students select between two submission and provide their feedback.

3. Learning Environment (LMS)

Finally, an LMS to love!

TechClass LMS is a powerful, reliable, and modern solution to manage all educational affairs. It is designed to redefine, upskill, and transform online education and help us to deliver beautiful learning experiences.

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